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Tuesday-Thursday : 5pm to 11pm
Friday and Saturday : 5pm to Midnight
Sunday : 11am to 8pm


click here to Download a PDF copy of the menu

Seasonal Chef’s Hummus (V) (G) - Served with warm Pita Sticks, Cucumber and Carrot Crudités $8

Add to your Salad: Chicken $4, Shrimp $5, Salmon $6, Tofu $3

Edamame (V) (G) -  Salted Soy Beans tossed in Pickled Ginger Tamari $5

Ella’s Plain Jane (V) (G) - Tomatoes, Red Onion, Carrot, Cucumbers, Asiago, Croutons, & Romaine with Balsamic Vinaigrette $8

Crab Stuffed Butternut Squash (G) Sweet Oven Roasted Squash, Spicy Crab with Citrus Hollandaise $14 

Southern Spring (V) (G) Gorgonzola, Dried Cranberries, Candied Pecans, Granny Smith Apples & Spring Greens with Sweet & Creamy Vinaigrette $11

Tuna Cracka’ Stacka’ Sesame Seed Seared Ahi Tuna, Asian Slaw & Wasabi Cream. Served on fried Won Ton Chips $13 “

Broken Heart of Romaine (V) (G) Grilled & Topped with Bacon, Feta Cheese, Croutons & Creamy Peppercorn Dressing $9

Viva La Chimi!” Chimichanga of Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Poblano, and Mozzarella. Served with Tamarind Sauce & Chipotle Sour Cream $8.50

The Dog House (V) (G) Baby Spinach tossed in a Honey Sherry Vinaigrette with Tomato, Red Onion, Goat Cheese, Almonds, sautéed Asparagus, & Portobello with Grilled Salmon

Rasta-Far-Fries (V) (G) - Fried Potato Wedges tossed in House Mustard with Sea Salt, Cilantro and Sriracha $5

Daily Soup Ella’s Soups are made from Scratch and are always Unique Served by the Bowl $5

 (V) = Vegan Option (G) = Gluten Free Option Ask your server for details!

Pork Chop (G) 16oz Porterhouse Chop, pan seared, & topped with Bacon Apple Jam. Served with Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes and sautéed Asparagus. $22 Chicken Mole Braised Chicken in Ella’s House Mole over Cornbread Arepa. Finished with Lime Zest & Avocado Relish $16

“Henry the Loaf” Bacon wrapped Meatloaf covered with Rootbeer Gravy & Crispy Onion Strings served with Garlic Mashed Potato Cake & Seasonal Veggie $15

Tartar Tacos! Choice of 3 Ahi Tuna or Beef Tenderloin Tacos with Asian marinade in Fried WonTon Shells. Served with Slaw and Pickled Veg. $17

Beef Tenderloin Two 4 oz Medallions, grilled and finished with Black Truffle Sea Salt. Served with Garlic Mashed Potato Cake, Herbed Goat Cheese, Bacon wrapped Asparagus and Port Wine Reduction. $24

Stuffed Chicken Chicken Breast stuffed with Pancetta, Asiago, Portabella & Spinach, breaded and served over Spinach Fettuccini Alfredo with Grilled Lemon $18.50

The Roots (V) (G) Grilled Sweet Potato and Grilled Feta over Parsnip Puree and Herb Vinaigrette. Served with a Root Vegetable Chip & Pecan Salad and drizzled with Balsamic Reduction. $13

Sulu’s Curry  (V) (G) Thai Red Curry in Coconut Milk with choice of Shrimp, Chicken, or Tofu. Served over Vegetable Fried Rice & finished with Citrus, Fresh Herbs, and Lotus Chips. Specify Mild or Hot! $16


12” Pizza on Ella’s Homemade Dough and Baked on Stone **Any Pizza also available as Calzone**

All Burgers are ½ Pound, 100% Organic Raised MEYERS Beef served on Yellow Sesame Seed Bun from La Segunda Bakery

The Hippy  (V) -  Garlic Puree, Spinach, Portabella, Sundried Tomatoes, Almonds, Artichoke Hearts, Kalamata Olives, Basil, & Vegan Soy Cheese. $13

Domino A Classic, like Ernie’s ’49 Ford. Grilled, with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Chicago Pickle, & Cabot White Cheddar (Or Sub Chicken Breast) $12

The DON! Ella’s Marinara with Mozzarella, Ricotta, Goat Cheese ,Parmesan, Tomato and Basil. Love Ya, Don! $12

The Wino Grilled and topped with melted Gorgonzola, Bacon Apple Jam, Arugula and Red Onion $14

“Tenderloin” Garlic Puree, Mozzarella, Asiago, Beef Tenderloin, Tomatoes, Red Onions & Arugula $15

The Good Burger V Housemade Veggie Patty with Glory Road Sunflower Shoots, Curried Mayo, Avocado Relish & Crispy Onion Strings $11

Chicken Porta-Pesto Grilled Chicken with Pesto Alfredo, Portabella, Red Onion, Mozzarella & Asiago Cheese $13

Side Option: Fried Green Tomatoes, Sweet Potato Fries, Baby Plain Jane Salad or Rasta-Far-Fries **Add House Bacon to any Burger** $2

Eggs and Bacon Garlic Puree, Red Onion, Tomato, Chopped House Bacon, Asiago, Mozzarella, and 4 Eggs baked medium. Finished with Glory Road Micro Greens & Balsamic Reduction $15


The Hog Ella’s Marinara, Sofrito, Ground Beef, Pancetta, Chorizo, Mozzarella & Monchego Cheese $15


Pasta & Tomato Sauce $4.50            Cheese Pizza -8” $6.50
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $5.50          Chicken Fingers $5.50


** Parties of 8 or more will have an automatic 20% Gratuity added to their check **
*** Consumer Advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, eggs, poultry, seafood or shellfish increases your risk of contracting a food borne illness. ***

click here to Download a PDF copy of the menu



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